About krn


krn, is pronounced as and derived from my genuine name Karen. I dislike the mundanity of my birth name so I tried to come up with a different pseudonym. I am a blogger behind the absurd Anak ng Tokwa, which begun in 2009 and after a year with no rational reason, changed into Unfinished Rhapsody which also after a year sometime in 2012, has found its favorable end.

I started blogging for self-expression in 2009 which mostly were rants describing my current state of mind: unhappy, angsty, bitter, sometimes crazy. I also created an anonymous blog, Aftertaste (disclosing a secret now) that served as an evidence of my gloomy existence. I temporarily stopped blogging when I moved to abroad to earn a living and because I am fond of writing, blogging has always been my way of sharing my thoughts. Somewhere along the way, it became less writing about myself but writing about Christ who defines our true identity. I grew up in a Christian family, my grandfather is a pastor but my family wasn’t perfect and I used to hate church people thinking they were all hypocrites. ‘Tad selfish blogger’and ‘mean cynical satirical melancholic bad ass’ were the descriptions I labeled myself before in my About Me pages and I seldom wrote about mirth because I was always downcast. To experience the love of Christ in my life is the end of poignancy. My transition from being a pessimistic blogger to a better individual is remarkable and I want to share with you the reasons of that wonderful change. My blog, More Drafts aims to discover and understand our true identity in the Lord who created us with an amazing purpose. Knowing our true identity in Christ is pursuing a meaningful life.

I am also The Bookworm on The Bookworm Project. Visit me at Facebook (not a real account anyways for privacy reasons), Twitter, and Instagram.


18 thoughts on “About krn

  1. This is nice! I hope you continue to discover your identity in Christ. A purpose-driven life is a meaningful life – a life dedicated to our Creator.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment on my recent post!

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