Unfiltered Thoughts

There are too many social networking sites nowadays that offer self expression for the whole world to witness. Of course we post only stuff that we want other people to see. We’re not dumb. We post filtered and edited jpg files with cool caption excerpted from holy Bible or famous quotes from famous people. We carefully choose pictures of us that we think we look utterly great. No blemishes and extremely fair complexion. Fantastic poses. Good lighting. Fabulous background. We want others to see us looking really adorable and attractive. And we post things we are interested in. Films we watched. Foods we ate. Places we visited. Quotes we can relate to. But we always think of who will see it and what they’re going to think about us. We don’t post indecent unfiltered thoughts that come to our mind sometimes because we have a good reputation on social media. Social media is an open window for anyone to see us depending on what we’re going to show to them. It’s a reality show. We love empathy and approval of people.

In my Psychology class I learned the lesson about Johari Window which interests me. The objective of that window is to fully know ourselves and to be more open to others regarding our true unfiltered identity. I love people who have unfiltered personality which means speaking and acting with no masks on their faces. Fearless to show their pain and insecurity. Unhesitant to boldly confess their imperfections. But in my 27 years of observing humans I notice that those kind of specie are rare and we can’t fully know a person based on what and how he or she shares or posts on social networking sites.

I noticed that they are annoying people on Facebook but truly lovable in real life and there are interesting and awesome people on Instagram but hideous in person. I have different thoughts when seeing a filtered and perfect photo uploaded on Facebook. I don’t merely look at his or her flawless face in that public image but I see him or her as a whole. I see her grin whenever she is insulting a poor lady because she thinks she is prettier than her or her haughty smile whenever hearing compliments of her physical beauty that eventually fades and deteriorates by time. I see people beyond how they want others to see them. I see their genuine smile full of beauty and love regardless of their messy hair and pimply skin. That’s how I see people. That’s how I love and dislike them. And I hope you, too.


2 thoughts on “Unfiltered Thoughts

  1. Yep, those fakers are one of my biggest pet peeves. You know when they use too much photo filters and their faces look smudged.. Man, they look messed up. I know LOTS of people up close and personal who look waaaay different than those photos they post in social media.
    And how about those girls who use too much stuff on their faces na parang everyday it’s Foundation Day. Hahahh. Whatever happened to simplicity..

    1. The camera360 and the filter whatsoever are their key. But I don’t hate them. They just don’t want to look ugly in their fantasy world. It just feels fake, you know, just feels and looks fake. ✌😛

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