I’m Home!

At this very moment I sit on this wooden chair beside an open window, my laptop also sits on a wooden table, pocket wifi plugged in, my stomach hurts a little and I’m thinking of heading to bathroom anytime now. In front of me, approximately fifty tiny steps away Christmas tree stands tall with tangerine and red Christmas balls and Poinsettia also is orange. In my left side, few meters away there’s a cabinet full of clutter and frames and in my right a homemade doll house with eight Barbie dolls and two Ken dolls and one baby doll stuffed inside. The first thing I did when I’ve got home was ruminating how everything used to be and how constant is change.

My gut finally says it’s all for now. Till next time.



4 thoughts on “I’m Home!

  1. i’m not sure if you’re home for good, but i hope you enjoy your stay. one thing that i notice when i go home is people looking older. then i realize i must look older, too, in their eyes. such is life.

    1. Only for vacation. Yup, I also notice that and it saddens me to think that after this another two years will pass and I will not be here to witness it and there will be a lot of things I will miss. Senti thoughts, you know, 😉

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