As I browsed through my high school friends’ profiles on social networking sites such as Facebook, ancient photos of forgotten teenage times, old crushes and foes, barkadas and the like I felt the awesome feeling of being the same old person again. The younger, teenage girl full of wonder and angst and excitement and expectation and questions and amazement and melancholy and zest. All at the same time. Who could have thought that that timid scrawny gal is now a nurse independently working abroad? Who could have thought that skeptic girl who loathed church people is now a church person? Only God knows.

I remember I had a crush on a guy in orange polo in Acquaintance Party and I had this excitement whenever I’d got to see him again in university. I miss that feeling, the exciting life of a youth and I wonder how eventually that chapter of my life lost its luster. Wow, I sound so old. I’m twenty six and crushes for me now are fiction characters. I feel so old ’cause looking at those photos flashes of wonderful memories filled my soul like before and I began to reminisce, notice how swiftly time flies. Like how airplane flew dragging me here.

To be continued.


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