Once a Blogger, Always a Blogger

I stopped blogging when I started working abroad. I am too busy is understatement. I can’t even finish a good book. I can’t even have an eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. I can’t even watch or read news about my beloved homeland. Now I am trying to manage my time though hard. When everything changes my fond of blogging sometimes sleeps but never dies. But I am afraid that now I can’t properly edit my blog posts as needed so bear with me.

Eight months more and my two years of stay here in the desert is over. I’ve learned a lot and I can say that I doubt if I am still the same person they used to know a year ago and counting. Some things permanently changed. For better, I hope.

To be continued.


6 thoughts on “Once a Blogger, Always a Blogger

  1. Wow, you’ve been there that long. Good for you! And I can see (via FB) that you have indeed changed a lot– a far cry from the girl I knew who seemed too afraid to fall in love. Now look at you. Hehehheh. Just teasing. 😀

  2. anyway, i can relate to how you feel. you may think that you’re still the same, but you’re not. you have evolved. what would be more shocking is when you go home for a visit. you’d find that it’s not what it used to be anymore. nothing stands still. what you left behind – they have evolved, too. that’s life, kid. it’s a journey. the scenes change. just enjoy the ride.

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