2015 is Gonna Be Our Year!

Happy new year folks! I’ll be back in blogging. I almost forgot how to blog. <long pause. Thinking. Thinking. Aaah. Did I say that I almost forgot how to write a decent blog entry?> I just want to devote some of my precious minutes (in my very busy life) sharing some stuff I think worth sharing. I like to promise that I am going to blog less trashy from now on. Moreover, I am eager to maximize the use of my new bought toy. For the second time I bought a gadget from my own hard earned penny. Sorry, you may perhaps think it is the mere reason why I am back to blogging right now. Hehe. To brag about MY BRAND NEW INTEL CORE i5 OH SO AWESOME. THE AMAZING PHOTO IS TO BE UPLOADED LATER. I kid. I kid. Truthfully, I like to reconnect to cyberspace after my long period of death. I want to share my story and God’s story in my life because 2015 is gonna be our year. So cheers! Be excited. See you later.


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