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Hey. Been a long time and that old person in that selfie photo I took five months ago now seems unfamiliar to me. Her eyes are now more weary though she doesn’t read graphic novels for months now and she doesn’t watch TV anymore. Her English grammar is getting poor and bad and hideous because people she speaks to everyday do not understand good grammar. To err becomes a habit, a bad habit and worse, a way of life. So I want to practice proper use of English speech again by blogging. Thanks.

This is how they talk. Beware.

Natives: Now I will learn you to bake cake.

Me: Okay. (WTH)

Natives: You know cooking?

Me: Yeah, I know a bit.

Natives: You like coffee or tea? Do coffee or tea.

Me: Thanks. (Whatever)

Other scenario.

Natives: After eat, you go now.

Me: (IKR)

Another one.

Natives: Mama go? (He meant did Mama go out?)

Me: Yeah, go. (I really meant is ‘Yeah, Mama went out’.)

There are much more cringe worthy. These are just the minimal mistakes. But we communicate well though I sometimes loathe myself after contemplating how shameful I sounded like. What a disgrace to all of my English teachers since kinder. I need to apologize for succumbing to normalcy. We shouldn’t always blend in or fit in a wrongful world.


9 thoughts on “Blah blah blah

  1. hello, Karen… hope you’re doing better in your new setting now. ay, it must be hard adjusting to strange people with a different culture and ways of living. and, it must be terribly lonely at times. but hey, you’re the courageous one – you dared leave, ahaha. for that alone, give yourself plus points, girl. πŸ™‚

    hay, their erratic grammar and poor use of English will remind you always of the correct and proper usage of the language, tamo… πŸ™‚ so, look at it in a different and more positive? way, ahaha. kaya mo ‘yan. πŸ™‚ saka, they are also adjusting to you (hehe) and they sound nice and polite naman, parang… be a little kinder to them and to your self, dear. make the best of the situation and you’ll thrive there, sooner than you think, hoho. ako na ang nag-advise.

    basta, warm regards and virtual hug. you are brave, girl. πŸ™‚

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