I’ll Miss To Be Home

I’ll miss to be home

sitting on that wooden chair

watching television

where smiling is easy

family is around

imperfect but embraces our imperfections

there’s no place like home

where our hearts truly belong

At home. Sept 22, 2013

10 thoughts on “I’ll Miss To Be Home

  1. is this some kind of riddle that you want your readers to solve? you’re leaving for qatar, aren’t you? another big loss to the philippines. remember what i told you before? before you go, you should apply for an immigrant visa (not working visa) to canada. you can do it on your own without an agent or recruiter. as i said, it will take years before it gets processed, but it’ll be worth all the wait. there’s a chance that you may get rejected, but i don’t think so. the chance of it ever happening is very slim, and if it ever happens, you can take it. you’re a big girl now. besides, you can always re-apply.

    1. Yeah, I’m livin in Qatar now and I’m lonely. Lol. Arabs are weirdest people. I look forward to working in western countries like Canada.

      1. it’s a totally different culture, so it’ll take sometime for you to adjust. when you get yelled at, don’t take it personally. it’s part of the job. be always on the alert, too. make people earn your trust even if they’re kababayans. I just hope you follow my advice about filing an immigrant application to canada. take care.

    1. Haha! Pagbigyan mo na ako. I can only do that on my blog with few intruders. At least I am not posting too much selfie on my Facebook. Lol.

      1. Was cancelled. Takot na q mag MiddleEast. Hihi. I have a pending application in some non-ME country. I’ll wait na lang. Patience is a virtue.:)

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