A Cat Story

Once upon a time, my four-year old niece brought home a wandering male kitten from market. The kitten was unpleasant, bald and disgusting. After our dog Negi gave birth to her puppies, that ugly kitten tried to unite with those cute puppies like his lost siblings. Because perhaps of mother’s protective and nurturing nature Negi adopted the kitten and breastfed him. From then on, that kitten believed that he was a puppy but couldn’t bark. He didn’t learn to ‘meow’ because he really deluded himself that he was a son of a dog. He grew a little and still very filthy unlike real hygienic cats who lick their fur all the time to look neat. We had a bigger cat then, his name was Pussy given to us by a pal. One time we brought the untidy kitten upstairs where Pussy usually stayed and the grimy kitten got scared of the new environment and abruptly rushed downstairs to his usual dwelling. But one day we were amazed by what we saw, Pussy and the unsanitary kitten were together. Pussy was licking kitten’s grubby fur and the kitten finally contemplated his true identity. To be a genuine feline he must loathe smelly dogs, befriend his similar race and frequently should cleanse himself by licking deliberately and thoroughly and Pussy taught him those.

We called the kitten Little Pussy because he and Pussy were so alike but when Little Pussy eventually grew up some more he got bigger and fatter. He loved to ingest everything seemed edible especially junk foods. We started to call him Marshy from the word marshmallow because his tummy was as soft as a marshmallow. Marshy forgot his feigned mother Negi and his fake siblings. He lived with Pussy who regard him as a little brother. We loved to see them together, dozing off, licking each other’s physique, eating in the same plate and playing.

Marshy and Pussy
Kuyas  boy
Dhea’s edit.
Have mercy on us. We’re hungry.

Until Pussy hasn’t arrived home. Marshy lost his appetite and got thinner as time went by. He perhaps already realized that his big brother would never come back. He is now the only cat left with us. To get over he oversleeps. Cats feel sad too. I believe. I believe that they have hearts that also can be broken. Cats know how to love because I feel his affection for us and also long to be loved by someone that understands them. Cats understand friendship.

Sleep tight, buddy.
Chazel and sleeping Marshy
Please let me sleeeeep.
All I need is sleeeep.
Hmn. I feel sleepy.
Find the cat.
Stretching while sleeping, why not?
Don’t mess with Mr. Marshy.
I just tried it on.

With breed or without, cats are awesome and only cat lovers will understand that.


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