Photo of the Day: Hashtag

I posted ancient pictures on my Facebook accounts and to utterly content myself I would also post another old photo here. Hash tag Throwback Thursday. Hash tag TBT. Hash tag Fvck that hash tag.


7 years ago that was me, very young and timid and inexperienced and immature. But same stuff hasn’t changed, like how I look?


6 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Hashtag

  1. growing old isn’t always bad. We are never too old to dream and involve our body from plastic surgeries. lol. I am back from hiatus hehe

      1. well, you can always do make-up. But I like it more when a person looks natural. Sometimes though, nakaka-nganga ang mga girls with make-ups. hehe

  2. it looks like somebody just broke your heart when this picture was taken. how did i come up with that idea? i don’t know. if must be my weird imagination. but if true, you should have realized by now that he didn’t deserve a tear. i hope so.

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