My Very First Recording, nyahahaha

Hullo. As a singer wannabe I finally did my very first recording. Nyahahaha. To tell you the truth, I recorded it inside of my chamber and was very terrified to make my voice more audible for our neighbors to hear so I sounded like a cockroach reciting a rhyme. Nyahahaha. Who cares, yummy bears. This is how my voice sounds like in the tune of Underneath Your Clothes by Shakira.


11 thoughts on “My Very First Recording, nyahahaha

  1. you have a beautiful voice. have you considered auditioning for ‘the voice’? seriously, all you have to do is get over that stage fright. perhaps you should join the church’s choir to gain more self-confidence in front of people? just a thought.

    1. You’re very nice. I’m expecting harsh comments here. Lol. And how did you know I have helluva stage fright? Our church doesn’t have a choir. They need lead singers and of course I refused like hell. >.<

          1. i know. i know. i’m just teasing you. actually, there’s something admirable about women who can say ‘no’. it means they’re strong women. you need to be strong to survive in this world.

  2. you got a voice you know. keep it up. the instrumental is too loud though it kinda conceals the melody of your voice. i sing a lot too, but not for everyone to hear. i sing for myself because my voice though not out of tune, is kinda crackly and hoarse. or something. ahaha but i play the guitar

    1. Thanks Kae though maybe you are just being too nice to me. I listened to my voice again and I flinched nonstop. Lol. But thank you, because of that I will record again, lmao

  3. i’m not nice at all ahaha.. you should know that. : so coming from me, who is a very naughty girl, that’s like praising the high heavens. sing it! šŸ™‚

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