How To Look Rich When You’re Not

I stumbled upon an article on website about how to look affluent even when you are not. The list is interesting so I did another amusing researches on how to look wealthy even you are pathetically poor. I would like to derive simpler lists from everything I’ve read that I find sensible. Remember the point is to look rich, not to pretend rich.

  1. Have classic wardrobe. Classic style is continuously in fashion and never goes out of trend so you can use it for a long long time. Save expense plus classics are very classy.

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  2. Buy at least some luxurious brand and wear it everywhere. If we couldn’t afford our garments all branded but at least try to invest some. But do not wear or use it too often as if it is the only bag, wardrobe that you have.
  3. Choose affordable but good quality products that last. Good quality doesn’t mean expensive. We can also buy quality products on sale half the prize. It’s impractical to buy cheaper and low quality things that last only for a week.
  4. Never buy anything with huge logo. Rich people don’t flaunt their brand names in big letters on clothes, etc.  because they don’t have to. It is also a shame to flaunt an enormous fake brand name. Try products with minimal or no logo.
  5. Never wear too much jewelries. If you try hard to look rich the more you look poor.
  6. Patterned blouses, shirts, etc can easily be remembered. So if you use them always they will think you have small wardrobe. Try neutral colors that can mix and match.
  7. Achieve your ideal weight.
  8. Whiten your teeth and have a fair complexion. Yellow teeth are for paupers. Tip: Sodium Bicarbonate or baking soda can be used as toothpaste to whiten teeth.
  9. Be hygienic. Grooming is a secret of looking good.
  10. Read books, have perfect grammar and wide vocabulary. Millionaires are educated.
  11. Develop a hobby.
  12. Become a collector.
  13. Be polite and show some manners.
  14. Don’t discuss about money or boast about yourself.

10 thoughts on “How To Look Rich When You’re Not

  1. sigh at #s 7 and 8. I am gaining weight but I’ll go back to the gym once my exam’s finished. I’m a former smoker, and my teeth are yellow lol. Been three weeks since my last puff though.

    1. lol. Anyways I know a lot people who are obese but they are wealthy. Marami kasi pera pambili ng food. Like you. No, I’m not saying you’re obese but you just happen to have so many money to buy foods. lol. At least yellow teeth are better than black teeth. Imagine… Lol Thanks that you dropped by.

  2. Para sa mga lalake, dapat smooth na smooth ang hitsura at paggalaw. Dapat baritone din ang boses para mas may dating, parang laging bedroom voice. At ang lakad, dapat laging “lakad pang-mayaman.”

    Which I am not. Dahil ako ay isang tunay na bayaw. Hahah!

  3. How about how to BE rich? ;D Here we are again, slaves of our multiple delusions. We define ourselves by the possessions that we own– clothes, gadgets, and all other material extensions of our being. Such is life. Moi is guilty.

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