Korean Drama and Taiwanese Drama Obsession

Just couldn’t resist the thrill of what I found out on Google. Taiwanese version of “You’re Beautiful” or “He’s Beautiful” is currently airing in Taiwan with Jiro Wang or Wang Dong Cheng (in Absolute Boyfriend Taiwanese remake) as the Hwang Tae Kyung who played by Jang Keun Suk in Korean version of the aforesaid drama series on 2009. I still remember that I blogged about it last year. I love the Korean version and I am sooo looking forward to watching the Taiwanese remake especially that Da Dong is one of the main cast. To be honest, only Da Dong slash Jiro Wang caught my interest among the characters after I watched the trailer. The Taiwanese girl is also cute but I like Park Shin Hye mooore, my apology. The disadvantage of a remake of a version that we’ve loved is we can’t help but to compare and our expectation is kinda high. If it couldn’t surpass the old version, at least I just hope that it’ll give justice to the drama. (Unrelated topic: unlike Pinoy adaptations of K-drama; they just ruined everything!) I’ve got goosebumps while listening to Taiwanese version of A. N. Jell. though. They rekindle my long forgotten obsession about this drama. Jiro Wang almost sounds like Jang Keun Suk. After searching real hard, I found videos of it with English subtitles. Dumudugo ang ilong ko sa Chinese. And because I am too selfishly obsess over this I can’t disclose the link. 😛

Here’s the trailer. No English sub, sorry.

“You’re Beautiful” is hilarious yet romantic drama. Not a Pinoy typical heavy drama that may likely to burden you after watching but sort of light drama that may likely to haunt you mirthfully. It’s a story of a rock band named A. N. Jell with Hwang Tae Kyung as the lead vocalist. The president of the recording company suggests to bring Go Mi Nam into the group as the new member but due to some reasons he can’t appear so his manager coaxes Go Mi Nam’s twin sister, Go Mi Nyu to take her brother’s place and pretend that she’s a male. Go Mi Nyu is a sister-on-training and at first she refuses to but then reluctantly agrees to fulfill her brother’s dream. She disguises and even lives in the same house with other members of the group. And the rest is history. lol.


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