MS-ly Preoccupied

As I walk across the street I wonder about how many calories I am burning as of the moment. If I lost two pounds of weight then I burned specifically 7000 calories. As I enter the nearest fast food chain I think about my risk for accumulating plaques in my arterial walls that might narrow and clog my blood vessel if I ingested grams of saturated fat of crispy fries. My fear of devouring chicken and egg dishes made me cringe at the sight of sickeningly legs and wings of feathered creatures born to be cooked with excessive Monosodium Glutamate seasoned flour, dipped in boiling fatty oil. Before I lost my appetite I ordered burger and thanks cola for the caffeine; drowsiness is gone but I can hear the pound of my cardiac muscle, pumping rapidly while I munch. I have my seat beside the transparent glass, admiring the good weather of today. I saw pretty young lady entered the glass door of the fast food restaurant. The lady is really fair to the point of looking pale that suggests Pernicious, Aplastic, Thalassemia major anemia or folic acid deficiency. Her long and red nails mask the sign of pallor but if we could just look closely and realized they are spoon-shaped (koilonychia) then we’re sure of it. I couldn’t see any sign of cheilosis in the corners of her mouth and her make up is thick but she occurs as if weak and dyspneic. She asked for coffee. Coffee is good stimulant but also predisposes Dysmenorrhea and worsens Peptic Ulcer disease and hypertension, says Lippincot. So do cola and chocolate. Why oh why are the best foods the worst foods?

I saw another girl with Lordosis entered the fast food chain next. I like to believe that contestants in beauty pageants suffer from Lordosis by trying so hard to have that better posture and bigger busts. That girl is tan and she occurs as if struggling from virilism (masculinization). Lots of acne. Atrophied breasts. Masculine features. Uh-oh. It could be result of Adrogen therapy (Danazol) to treat Endometriosis or signs of Cushing’s Disease. She ordered spaghetti, that tasty spaghetti that could cause Nephrolithiasis and Urolithiasis if she didn’t drink plenty of water. There is a guy who approached her, perhaps a classmate because they both are wearing IDs. The guy is good-looking but coughing vigorously that made me measure the distance of my chair from his. More than 3 feet. Good enough if his sickness is droplet transmission. Cough could be a sign of Upper Respiratory Infections which are communicable, nasty ailments. His cough is dry that gives a hint that he probably has Pulmonary Tuberculosis. If his sputum has fresh blood (hemoptysis) then the probability is high but it is gelatinous it implies Bronchitis. If green, viral Pneumonia. If yellow, bacterial Pneumonia. If pink, Pulmonary Edema. If frothy and white, Asthma. The best way to make sure is Sputum Culture. The guy ordered double cheeseburger which must be avoided if one is taking Monoamine oxidase Inhibitor antidepressant because it can cause hypertensive crisis. I hope he’s not taking that medicine.

Then an old woman in late 70s entered the scene next. That old woman has a poor posture. Osteoporosis can be a reason for his Hyperkyphosis as I notice. Most menopausal women suffer from it. Calcium supplement can cure that illness but the best treatment is estrogen therapy. But estrogen therapy should be given along with progesterone to minimize the risk of acquiring Endometrial cancer. She ordered soft drink which is not so good choice for her condition. But what can we expect from a fast food chain that doesn’t serve nutritious foods? I admire that old lady for her endurance and capability to fall in line and order food by herself. Some of old folks develop dementia that can progress to Alzheimer’s Disease.

As I exit the place I pass by the security guard who is succeptible to varicosities (dilated veins). Prolonged standing is a predisposing factor of varicose vein which is irreversible illness. Poor guy. I am heading home while pondering on how much carbohydrates I consumed today that will soon break down into glucose that will soon be absorbed by every cell of my body with the help of insulin and beta cells that I can use as energy to live. I thirst now. Did I say that polydipsia (excessive thirst) is a symptom of hyperglycemia (excessive serum glucose)?


3 thoughts on “MS-ly Preoccupied

  1. hello, Karen… my, you write so well. just by looking at people and knowing what they ordered, your mind can easily process their illnesses and susceptibilities. you’re very good, kapatid. 🙂

    when you’ve the time, do read the works of Anton Chekhov and William Carlos Williams. may similarities ang pagsusulat mo sa kanila – parang may laser, ahaha and sometimes, ruthlessly clinical, ahaha. pasensya naman…

    pero yun nga atang sabi mo – ang masarap kainin, siya namang masama para sa health ng tao – buhay talaga… we eat and drink anyway… magandang isipin, scientific sana, but then… ^^

    kakatakot ka yatang ma-meet, hihi. pagtingin mo pa lang sa buhok ko, sa mata, sa lines ng face, alam mo na – what are the things and diseases afflicting me – tama ba naman ‘yon? ahaha… 🙂

    on the other hand, there’s this. and i hope you’ll consider… lahat ng tao, iisa lang yata ang gusto – ang mahalin at igalang. but we have different means of achieving that – different backgrounds, struggles, hopes and aspirations. we’ve various ways to get to where we want to go – to achieve centering, balance in life. in the meantime, we’d do well to be kind and respectful to others and ourselves. mahirap, ahaha. ^^

    i hope you are well. dito banda, taghirap pa rin. maproblema… warm regards sa ‘yo, peace. 🙂

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