Absolute Fun

Why oh why is this Taiwanese television series ‘Absolute Boyfriend’ so amusing to me? Is it just because I have unceasing admiration for Jandi of Boy Over Flowers because of her superb flawless, pores-less complexion that I envy or because Jiro Wang’s abs are so impeccable I want to transform him into a key chain that I can carry and keep for myself? Or both?


Based on my intensive research I did to relieve my curiosity that burdened me for a long time since the drama started, Absolute Boyfriend is a six volume manga series by Yuu Watase and it has Korean and Japanese versions. Manga series which explains why oh why the series is funny, light and just so cute.

absolute-boyfriend-1883327I’m not a manga fan but I’m into romantic comedy with comical anime-ish characters. Would you believe that Alice has been rejected by many guys because she is considered ugly and deprived of sex appeal? The oozing sex appeal ofย Koo Hye Sun plus her blemish-free snow whitey skin can make lots of guys in real life fall for her. Would you believe that Henry is a robot with six pack abs and Superman-esque skills? The story is far from reality but titillates my imaginations and funny bone.


Then I saw these photos below. Can you sense something fishy about these images?ย tumblr_m3ir5qH96x1r5oo72o1_500

Are you getting the clue? What the heck. I don’t wanna hear what’s inside of your dirty mind.

tumblr_mjkwadvvHR1s65ly2o1_500Jiro: I love you, man.

Kun Da: I love you too, babe. Pakiss nga.

Jiro: Sure, love. *giggles*

Wasakkk. Of course I’m just kidding. ๐Ÿ˜›

PS: Photos above aren’t mine. Forgive me for stealing them from Google.


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