Bragging Rights

SAM_0908I passed the examination for General Scope Nurse for Qatar last week. I honestly have nothing to brag about myself for passing the exam. 2 Corinthians 3:5 says “Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God.”


8 thoughts on “Bragging Rights

  1. congrats. another milestone for you. go to qatar if you must, but consider it as fulfilling a short-term goal. you should apply in canada, too, not for a working visa but for an immigrant visa. i think your profession qualifies, and you can do it yourself without an agent. just ask the canadian embassy for the forms and the requirements to complete. it will take many years before your application gets processed, but it will be worth the wait. time passes by quickly anyway. good luck.

    1. Going to Qatar is just a steppingstone for me to go to much better country like Canada. I want to gain more experience and skills as a nurse so I’ll be qualified enough to work there. Thanks for the advice. 😉

      1. working visa and immigrant visa are two different things. if you apply for a WORKING visa to canada now, you’ll likely be rejected because you don’t have enough experience. but it should not stop you for applying for an IMMIGRANT visa based on your profession as a nurse. as I said it will likely take many, many years before they process your application because of the quota system. when they finally get your number called, say, 10 years from now, you’ll be ready.

          1. it could be earlier. hope for the best. just file the application now so you’ll have something to look forward to while you’re working in Qatar or elsewhere gaining experience,

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