How’s Your Smart Bro Going?

How’s your Smart Bro going? Ours was like paying money in exchange for inevitable rage after hours of attempting to connect to the internet till every ounce of our patience drained out and effort just went down the drain. Normal human beings can tolerate it when it happened just once but would you believe that it became a routine of our lives every day when we woke up and we felt the need to connect to the world wide web to convince ourselves that we still exist and then we got almost insanely vexed, every day, because there was no internet connection at all again? Yes, I’ve done everything not to come this point where blogging this crap is the only resort I can do to allay the wrath rushing in every cell of my veins.

  • Call the Customer Service. I often used to call *18880 like someone who asks assistance and help from a friend in most difficult times. They used to be helpful but like fake pals who pretend to be nice and accommodating at first and then as time goes by you’ll come see their true colors-dark, very dark, very very shitty dark. Now every time that we dial the customer service number and enter our Smart Bro number, a devil’s voice emerges “Sorry, you entered a wrong Smart Bro number” and a click ends the call. It always happened multitude number of times that led me to conclusion that Smart Bro has blocked or banned our Smart Bro number from calling them. Wow.
  • Visit their office. I went to their office to pay our monthly bills and asked a girl in corporate attire and looking as if irritated by delayed salary or inadequate compensation she got, why our internet connection was so poor and all and she retorted “Call the Customer Service *1880.” Shit.
  • Troubleshoot. If each time we troubleshoot our computer we gained one peso, perhaps, we are indeed wealthy now. But that’s improbable, the truth is each time we troubleshoot the computer we painfully waste our precious time that must be rather consumed in more worthwhile activities like making the most of the internet which is actually why we pay every month.


  •  Wait. Just wait. Perhaps they are encountering short-term problems. The poor connection or no connection could last for many many hours daily. I could hear the song Waiting in Vain in my head every second. Waiting makes you go nuts, swear it does, especially when your phone rings religiously every month to hear Smart Bro representative’s frightening voice that obliges you to pay your monthly bill and you find yourself shaking your head in annoyance because you also receive their letter stating your past and current balances in detail, yes also every month. Amazing.

Smart Bro is amazing turd. You may not believe me but below is my proof.


I zoomed it for you.


Thanks Smart Bro. We are damn impressed. We can hardly contain our relief after we disconnected their freaky service from us. Saaaaaa waaaakaaaaaassssss!!! Mabuuuhaaay ang Pilipinaaasss!! @$%&!!#!


4 thoughts on “How’s Your Smart Bro Going?

  1. aww. i wish i could emphatize. been a loyal globe customer for life.. switch na. chos! smart cellular also sucks daw. bu i think it still depends on the coverage. mahina lang talaga siguro ang coverage ng smart. how i wish may service provider sa pinas na nationwide coverage. 🙂

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