Avid Facebook User’s Query

Just recently Facebook has undergone some minor changes in appearance. Like the one below. I like how it looks. Everything about you (even music and books and movies you watched) is fixedly located in the left side. Look closely.

I logged in to my another dummy account and it remains the same. No update signalling you to change your profile. This one below is the old one.


Big deal? Sure, lol. Because my family here at home are staring at me weirdly just like saying ‘What are you telling about, freak?’ Whenever they visit my profile they can’t see the changes made. It is just me, myself and I who see the difference. Am I hallucinating? Am I getting crazy? Am I bound to die? Am I???

Please tell me if this also happens to you. Has your FB Timeline also changed?


14 thoughts on “Avid Facebook User’s Query

      1. Hello! Nagbago na ang Facebook profile ko. Kahapon lang. Haha! Nagustuhan ko ‘yung hitsura, pero tinatamad pa akong ayusin. ‘Yung news feed ko, sana magbago na rin. Hehe.

  1. mula nung nag-timeline ang fb, nawalan na ako ng gana dito…pero nabalitaan ko nga, may gagawin na naman daw silang mga pagbabago, baka napili yung account mo na lagyan ng beta version πŸ™‚

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