Photo of the Day: Message

noteThis is quite surprising because only my family and some relatives know I have a very crappy blog and this message came from a classmate I seldom talked with. Strange. And it became more strange to figure that that classmate was pertaining to my old more crappier Anak ng Tokwa blog. Amusing. I didn’t actually do some real writing there, I only ranted and whined by means of putting words on a blog. So who would I inspire? πŸ˜‰ Thanks though if that what she thought. Sometimes it really feels good to delude myself that I’m a great writer and I inspire a lot of morons. Who knows maybe she was right. Crap.


10 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Message

  1. nag blog hopping ako sa mga nagfollow saken at nalaman kong….
    nasa wordpress kna pala!! hehe

    well magaling ka naman talagang writter : ) keep on blogging dear! : ) cheers!

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