Duck Face Quack Damn Quack

Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter become real sources of absurdity and absurdity is highly contagious. So arm yourself with sanity and maturity and some class. Beware of people who post their pictures pouting stupidly and delude themselves that they look enticing but in reality they resemble repugnant ducks. Foolish repugnant ducks. I don’t understand GIRLS who keep doing it and gaining a lot of Likes adds cockiness and strengthens their false delusion that they look cool. Boy, ducks are nice but girls who are trying to imitate ducks by protruding their swollen lips are annoying. Oh girls. I sometimes doubt if I am really one of you.

So yeah, as I said their duck faced photos get many damn Likes by people who think the same with them. I told you, stupidity is highly communicable like AIDS, it infects mostly vain females who own cheap cameras. Vain, foolish females do duck facing mostly at restrooms where toilet seats are visible and while they’re lying on their bed or at their bedrooms showing their drawers and cabinets and sometimes clothes hanging everywhere.


My apology if I hurt anyone guilty. I just want to blurt out what bothers me right now. Those duck faces are bothersome. Really. So bothersome and pestering I wanna shoot my computer monitor and rip it to tiny useless bits.


These photos aren’t mine but I know the owners are cute people. Very cute amazing people.


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