A Nurse’s Daily Servings

This was my breakfast on Monday:

Scene at Emergency Room

My lunch on Tuesday:

Taking care of neonates at Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Breakfast on Wednesday:

Attending needs of patients in the ward

Breakfast and lunch on Thursday:

Feeding babies at NICU

Dinner on Friday:

Scared as hell at Operating Room

Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday:

Digesting OR instruments

Did I make a grave mistake of choosing this profession? 😦

1st photo taken: http://www.google.com/hostednews/getty/article/ALeqM5hadFcWfdI_HrX5LXXhGSsl-nbIiw?docId=150557134

2nd photo taken: behance.net

3rd photo taken: dailymail.co.uk

4th photo taken: designthatmatters.org

5th photo taken: chicagotribune.com

6th photo taken: workingnurse.com


2 thoughts on “A Nurse’s Daily Servings

  1. hello, Karen… magaganda na ang mga ospital at eksenang nasa larawan, kapatid. pag sa PGH ka punta, maski sa lobby, ang dami ng pasyente – doon na sila tinitingnan… ang mga bantay, mukhang refugees lang, ahaha. ^^

    may pamangkin akong lalaki, nar-es din… nursing is my most respected profession, kapatid. nurses are people in touch with the real goings-on in life and they are in the business of caring. kaya, proud ka dapat sa larangan mo, ahihi… have a good week ahead. 😉

    1. Nakakapagod ang larangang ito, Ate San, pagkatapos yung ibang doktor kung makapagsalita, parang alila lang ang tingin nila sa nurse. Taas ng tingin nila sa sarili nila. Haha. Anyways, thanks for droppin by. 😉

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