Oh Shoes!

I have a crush on certain sneaker in a department store that I often drop by and drool over it for few seconds and go home devastated because that pair is so expensive my budget can’t afford it. Being naturally frugal, that pair of golden shoes costs my one month boarding house rental fee, allowance for also a whole month and a bus fare going home. It also costs a year supply of Piattos or Mr. Chips or instant pancit canton spicy flavor. I hate it when I come to visit that pair of shoes in its rack and a vexatious saleslady always follows me behind as if she really ought to watch my every action like I’m some kind of a thief. Isn’t it annoying when saleslady follows you around, watches what you do to the commodities with useless blabbering like “Yes ma’am? It’s good on you ma’am. Ma’am, we have a lot of sizes you can fit, try it  ma’am”? Man, she isn’t helpful. Let me be the one to approach her if I need her help.

So that irksome saleslady followed me when I approached the shoes and before she could blat that would definitely ruin my day like “Yes ma’am? It’s good on you ma’am. Ma’am, we have a lot of sizes you can fit, try it ma’am” I immediately dodged her. All I longed for was to glance at the shoe, touch its smooth texture and smell its addictive fragrant as I pray that someone will buy it for me on my birthday. But that irksome saleslady wracked my moment. She walked with her high heels thudding on the floor (which reminds me of how Lotus Lady gruesomely walk in the Feng Sui film) towards my direction. I ambled away and vented “I hate being followed by a saleslady” audibly not giving a fuss if any one could hear me. I momentarily took a glimpse of her before I completely leave the place. She stood still where I left her, eyeing on me with resentment slowly oozing out of her loathsome full of cosmetics face.

I love shoes and I don’t go for very thrifty ones because they easily get wrecked. I relish stuff that I can use for a lifetime. Sometimes I just idly discern variety of shoes on the internet and wish I could I have them all one day. Then I saw this photo:

Wow. Cool. Asteeg.

I want the Wikipedia style! Actually I want them all. Aren’t they lovely? But unfortunately according to Keds Philippines those style aren’t available. They are just edited images produced by creativity. How I wish they were real.


4 thoughts on “Oh Shoes!

  1. haha, masarap mag-drool sa shoes, indeed. at dalaw-dalawin sila on early evenings, dinaig pa ang pagsilip sa crush mo noong early college days, haha. ano nga kaya mayroon ang mga sapatos – oh, what they do to us! haha… hello, Karen. hope things are going well. 🙂

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