A Two-week Job

I got hired instantly without passing a curriculum vitae and abruptly left without formal resignation letter. Oh well, everything can happen in a flash. Life is sometimes too fast that if you slow down, you can be left behind. In a blink of an eye, everything is just a memory. Good memories. Bad memories. All intertwined to produce remarkable memoirs that have shaped us for who we are today.

I remember during afternoons when there was helplessly nothing to do, I lay down on a chair outside and forced myself to drowse with warm breeze as falling yellow leaves quietly drifting by. I could do it each day and got paid for it. “Lugi ang gobyerno sa’yo,” that was our joke for idle workers. But that was the way it was. No patient equals no work. However, my salary to be honest couldn’t make a real living. I didn’t own a house near the place and commuting was a tremendous torture to my scrawny agonized physique and knowing the fact that I was dwelling in a house I didn’t actually belong added pure hassle and renting a room, which was the best option I could choose, was sort of costly and impractical as far as my wages were concerned. So I chose to quit all of a sudden. Confused with what future can offer me best. Petrified at the thought that pennies are eventually vanishing away like a life of a dying cancer patient. I took pictures of myself, afraid that my face might evolve into much older, scarier, wrinkled face due to too much pressures and affliction controlling my temper every time I was grilled by nonsensical blabbering of moronics. I know myself and whew, how arduous to shut up when I almost wanted to holler and I did it–suppressed my wrath. My greatest achievement so far.

Good and kind people you could chat with in the workplace were blessings from heaven. Perhaps we can’t see each other again and my name will soon be forgotten by them as theirs by me and that two-week job is easily be deleted in memory. It’s a harsh thought; I don’t want that to happen that’s why I captured these photos (though occur insignificant to others but for me mean a lot) enveloped with memories lurking behind. Uhuh, I’m such a sentimental.


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