Trip To Ampere Beach, Dipaculao, Aurora

It’s approximately four-hour travel from Nueva Ecija to Dipaculao, Aurora. When you’re from Manila, it takes eight hours to reach Aurora. If I’m not mistaken, from Manila you got to travel to Nueva Ecija, Cabanatuan City which is four hours and from there you can get a bus all the way to Aurora which takes another four hours.

A long journey indeed till you reach nearby mountains and vast Farmville you actually only got to see on Facebook games. It seems like an unfunny joke to contemplate that there is no huge malls and variety of fast food chains to provide our customary needs and wants in this remote province, and come to think about the poor signal of cell sites adds burden altogether. So my number 1 tip is just enjoy the moment being in a distant place and forget everything about city life. Expect your drinking water without chlorine and cold even not refrigerated. Just savor the time, inhale fresh air and tranquil your mind at once.

2nd tip: it’s best to have your own vehicle ’cause there’s no accessible car to hire anytime and it can cost you too much. Transportation is a dilemma in rural places. We rode a motorcycle under a 37 degrees torrid sun. Outcome: much worst than sunbathing.

There’s a river within reach connected to Ampere Beach where people especially children take time to indulge themselves in swimming, immersing in cool flowing river. They say that this river was once very deep and had killed little kids who were drowned while swimming so residents have blocked the flowing water with plenty of enormous rocks to shoal the river.

Ampere Beach is not a quite good beach for swimming because of the intensity of its Pacific waves. Nonetheless, its breathtaking view can suffice. Land is covered with rocks in different forms, sizes and colors. There’s a cave yonder but we didn’t manage to get in. Perhaps next time.

My pictures explain and describe better than I can.


10 thoughts on “Trip To Ampere Beach, Dipaculao, Aurora

  1. wow! your photos are fantastic! galing… 😉 i’ve been to Aurora myself, a couple of years back. i’d say it’s one of the best places/provinces in the Philippines. much of the rainforests and bodies of water there are still preserved. and yes, going to the place is a huge challenge, like joining a reality show – one must have a sturdy and well-oiled, tuned up 4×4, haha. 😉

    great trip you had and really good pics! hello, karen… 🙂

    1. Hi Ate San, thank you. Tama ka, dati rough road talaga at daming NPA daw. Hehe. Now ganun pa din but the roads are getting better. Mas maganda daw sa Dinadiawan kasi white beach but it’s another two hours from Baler. Sabang is nice for surfers; nagpunta na din ako. There are a lot of beaches and falls talaga in Aurora and hindi pa developed. Sana madevelop na tourist destinations para cool. Hehe.

      Thanks again. 😀

      1. oh, i was there more than six years ago pa. we went there as visitors of a town vice- mayor and the governor (who at that time, was the sister of sen. angara – gov. bellaflor angara). then, the province was ravaged by a recent typhoon, the major roads and bridges were down, one could see destruction all over the place. yes, the falls and the giant ferns are something, ‘no? and the people there are industrious, mga sanay sa trabaho… the story was, as people say, ha, that Pres. Quezon really wanted to isolate the province somehow, make it difficult for outsiders to come in so that nature in the province would be preserved. sabi… 😉

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