Why I Hate Tumblr

If you’re using Tumblr and abusing the privilege of reblogging from blogs that also came from another blogs, posting pictures of yourself in every angle, side view, front view, back view, you may not like what I’m about to write; free to leave.

I had a Tumblr blog a year ago and I can’t even remember the name ’cause I had a rough time overhauling and making it a fresh and sensible blog and not all about vain picture picture picture. It lasted for about months till I came to accept that it’s not for me. Reasons are:

  1. I hate the idea of TOO MUCH reblogging, especially if merely photographs are to be reblogged. I know that there are a lot of picture worth reblogging, very funny and cute images worth sharing BUT if you only intend is to borrow (by means of reblogging) every single post you make it may signify that you don’t have an ounce of creative juice running through your veins. I adore creativity and uniqueness. I know there are also lots of Tumblr bloggers out there that write good, know how to spell right, ideas are original and photos they post aren’t purely from other people BUT they become SCARCE in Tumblr community.
  2. Tumblr becomes a photo album. Apology but I think cyber photo album is more suitable term than photo blog. Sana nag-upload ka na lang ng mga picture mo sa Facebook o Twitter.
  3. Old school ako. I stick to traditional practices of blogging. When you blog, it has to be more than two sentences. Jejemon way of typing is prohibited. You have to spell each word correct with proper punctuation (Oo, nagpapatama ako). When you’re into photo blogging, you use your own photos and it doesn’t appear like a photo album. Figure out yourself the difference. And reblogging is minimized. Uh, perhaps, I just got used to blog like this for many years but frankly, it is really annoying to see the way some people blog on Tumblr as much as I annoy you now.

I don’t discourage you to use Tumblr. I only want is to vent my opinions and distaste. You can also do this on your Tumblr blog, ‘Why I Hate WordPress’ and let’s be merry. For me, if you prefer to write like a pro, Blogger.com or WordPress.com are more appropriate. I haven’t tried Multiply and others but those are certainly way better. But if your only goal is to reblog cool gif photos then go, soothe/suit yourself.

I took a screenshot of this long ago ’cause I was convinced that I’ll blog about this in the future, and it happened. My Tumblr has been deleted. Cheers. 🙂

I’m letting you know now, okay, and hell lose I won’t sign up again.

20 thoughts on “Why I Hate Tumblr

      1. Hindi siya Sir Rj, Mam siya. Nang-iimbita ka lamang eh palso pa. Hi KRN. Tutal eh nakalabit ka na din ni Rj, eh di kakalabitin ulit kita. Salamat. 🙂

  1. I felt the same way, so now I don’t open my Tumblr account anymore. I shared that sentiment in my first post here at WordPress. There is something about Tumblr that doesn’t satisfy my taste. It’s more of 9gag 50% cuter. 🙂

  2. Yeah, this is what I hate about Tumblr too! And sorry naman kung mali, ako, gumamit ng- punctuation marks. 😐

  3. Hahaha! Gusto ko na nga ring burahin ang Tumblr ko, eh. Puro kabobohan lang kasi ang nakikita ko sa tuwing magbubukas ako ng account dun. Hindi ko naman sinasabing matalino akong tao, pero kasi, alam mo ‘yun. Hehehehe!

    Dito naman sa blogger at wordpress, nakakatawa rin. Naturingang mga nakatapos ng pag-aaral at mga propesyunal na ngayon ang mga tao, mga jejemon pa rin. Ang tatanda na, eh mga ganun pa rin. Ang tatagal ng nagsusulat sa internet, wala pa ring pinagkakatandaan. Hello Krn!

    1. Haha! Bulong mo naman sa ‘kin kung sino ba mga jejemon na yan. Haha. Ewan ko ba, pero nakakainis ‘no. Pagkatapos ko magbloghop sa Tumblr naumay ako.

  4. I have published a similar post before. I hate how Tumblr has reduced blogging to just mere posting of photos, quotes and other memes.

    Mabuhay ang lahat ng mga tunay na bloggers!

  5. Exactly my thoughts. Gusto ko kasi ng formality at pakiramdam ko, Tumblr is too informal. Di gaya sa WordPress, nagsama-sama ang mga pwede mo talagang i-consider na writers o kaya photographers. E sa Tumblr, basta makapagsulat ka lang ng kahit ano, kahit pa informal ang way ng typing mo, at makapag-reblog ka lang ng kung anu-anong gumagalaw na pictures, blogger na agad. Tapos pakiramdam ng ‘Tumblr society’, sila ang coolest people on Earth. Amp! *roll eyes*

    1. *roll eyes* x 10. Nakakairita di ba. Akala mo kung sino’ng cool pero walang kaeffort effort magblog. Magreblog ka lang, blogger ka na? Whoa! I don’t think so. Yung iba pa puro picture lang ng mukha nila ang laman. Nakakaumay dude. Okay lang kung minsan pero kung yun lang ang nais mong iblog habambuhay, you suck. Haha!

      Thanks Dwight. 🙂 Ang sarap kausap ng taong pareho kayo ng opinyon at pananaw. Mabuhay ka. Haha!

  6. late reaction, bakit ngayon ko lang to nabasa?? i have a Tumblr account but i feel your sentiments. most Tumblr users are “rebloggers”, so to speak. i remember one time, a pinoy “tumblrista” pointed this out and he got a lot of bashings. hahaha.

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