I’m In Love With You and I’ll Never Be Ashamed of You

I always reckoned that writing about affection for someone is absurd. Love is overrated, I thought. Because I had never been, uh, possessed by the absurdity of it. I mean, I’ve outgrown the stupidity and immaturity of being a pubescent kid whose hormones are uncontrollable, unreasonable, taking in charge of life. I was not that old to utterly close my doors on anyone just because I completely didn’t believe in eternal love. But I knew in the back of my mind, love was only a temporary fondness for anything beyond explanation. A chemical alteration in our system that makes an impact on how we think and feel. But all things as well as love just come and go, live and die. A serotonin, a happy hormone goes high when you’re in love but it dies eventually after two years. An intelligent person said that a couple can manage to be together after two years and longer not because they are still bewitched by the power and cheesiness of love but because of the companionship and friendship that have built from long time of being together strengthen their relationship as lovers. I’ve often read and watched sappy romance fiction and fooled myself till I cringed at the foolishness of it in the end. Maybe there were right. My life was then humdrum, dull. Before.

Until He found me, I wasn’t looking for anyone. He found me amid of the darkest times. I know Him since I was a kid but I thought He was then far and little did I know that He was all along finding me but I always ran away, hid ’cause I felt I wasn’t good enough for anything. Perhaps if He didn’t come into my life I am still the same confused wrathful badass. Perhaps I still wander in nowhere with no definite purpose. Now I figured it out what real love means. He is love. Love comes from Him. He loves me; He loves us actually and some people deceive themselves that they love Him but honestly they don’t.

I remember a celebrity once said “If I destined to be single forever then be it. I’ll love the Lord all my life.” Then I laughed because she was so beautiful to only end up as an old maid but I understood her and I want to rephrase those lines she told. “I’m in love with God and He alone can satisfy the desires of my heart. I am not single anymore because I am forever in a relationship with God.”

Psalm 37:4:Ā “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Jesus por ti yo vivire
De ti nunca me avergonzare
Oh oh Oh
Te doy todo lo que soy
Toma tomalo
Toma tomalo


Jesus, we’re living for Your name
We’ll never be ashamed of You
Oh oh Oh
Our praise, and all we are today
Take take take it all, take take take it all


8 thoughts on “I’m In Love With You and I’ll Never Be Ashamed of You

  1. Not really sad. Mas nakilala ko ang sarili ko noong nakawala ako sa apat ng sulok ng simbahan namin šŸ™‚ Napagtanto ko na ang pagtanngap pala sa sarili kong pagkatao ang tunay na magpapaligay sa akin.

  2. You are partially correct. I was Catholic then, but I was attracted to Christianity during college. Naging super active ako, nagturo pa nga ako sa Sunday school. Hehe. Pero marami kasing nangyari, masyado siguro akong nasaktan. Hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin naghihilom ang mga sugat eh. Pero marami akong natutuhan dahil dito. Masaya sa piling ng Diyos. babalik din siguro ako balang araw.

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