Paper Crapfest

Before I delete let me post them here while feeling maudlin. The first photo was my note when I was reviewing for the NLE and all that crap. Yeah, I know my penmanship is a disgrace. I’m born to loathe writing with a pen and paper which is a good thing for my shitty college instructors and egotistic doctors who read my illegible handwriting in patients’ charts. “Are you a male?” My clinical instructor with repulsively huge eyes asked the obvious.Β Am I a male God? Am I?? I almost said yes in confusion. Until I figured that he was referring to my penmanship which he said looked like male’s. Honestly, I did it on purpose at first, inapparent revenge for those doctors who scribble to save their profession ’cause they suck at spelling. Doctors who screwed up my duty life by scrawling orders. So I made my handwriting more undecipherable as possible until I got used to this and vowed to write as much as possible only with a computer or a typewriter, or else this problem will arise…

The second photo was taken because of my vow I said previously. I took a photo of my scheduled series of procedures I had to accomplish, instead of jotting it down on my notebook and confuse myself about it afterward ’cause even my own eyes can’t read my own writing. These procedures were from my Intravenous Therapy Training blah-blah. I hate to remember the exams. Identify the fcuking veins. Enumerate the fcuking veins.

This third was another compliance with my vow of not writing without a keyboard. Who says I did not apply? Who says I just lie down and drool and dodge hospitals. I beat the bushes. I painfully beat the bushes no matter if my pride is going down the drain. I don’t give a shit about anyone who give a shit about me anyway. Just shhhh. I already know everything inside of your neurons right before you ask how do I do. I’m expert in reading people’s dirty, moronic minds.

There. If you think my blog post sucks, follow me on Twitter. #WhoAmIFooling


5 thoughts on “Paper Crapfest

  1. Hello, Karen,

    Ahaha, para itong angas ng niece ko na nasa med school dati. She quit, eh, decided she was not for it. She’s more of pang-teatro. Nasa States na sya ngayon. Ayon…

    Btw, naaaral naman ang penmanship, should one be so inclined. Ayon lang, di na masyadong uso ngayon ang cursive… Ewan ko lang, meron pa naman yatang mga lumang taong gaya ng lola mo rito, handwritten muna ang posts, bago i-type, ahaha.

    Thanks for dropping by. Cheers! πŸ™‚

    1. Ayoko mag-aral ng penmanship. No no no. Haha. Siguro nga, medical blah-blah is not for me din pero walang magagawa, it happened.

      Handwritten muna ang post bago i-type?! Pag ganun, di na lang ako magba-blog. Haha!

      No problemo and thanks din. πŸ˜‰

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