To Those Who Didn’t Pass the Nursing Licensure Exam

The Professional Regulation Commission has recently announced the 22,760 out of 67,095 who passed the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination taken last December 2011. We are happy for everyone who passed the board, that’s a great achievement, but I’m empathic to those who failed.

While a lot of new nurses are celebrating and thanking the Lord for the billionth time, sending group messages and posting status updates to all networking sites to vent how ecstatic they are, there are also who grieve and suffer the worst possible outcome. It’s okay, guys.

Consider this:

  • Not all who passed are far more brilliant than those who failed. I know lots of people who are as airhead as a jelly fish but have received their license and bragged about it. You see, NLE doesn’t measure your level of intelligence neither knowledge about your chosen profession. It is a darn piece of exam created by geriatric group of nurses who claim that their answers are the only correct ones.
  • Not all who passed became far more successful than those who failed. I know lots of people who became nurses in due time but until now they effin volunteers who are getting poorer and poorer each day. Why not? They aren’t receiving a cent for their labor. My dear, don’t cry because you failed your exam this time. Many other nurses cry harder because they are nurses but no salary.
  • I know there’s no need to include the clichΓ©s here like ‘Life is not how many times you fucked up but how many times you bounced back. Failures are steppingstones to success‘ because you’ve already understood that. You’re not a kid anymore.
  • The world will not break apart just because the Scantron didn’t favor you. Try again with unceasing drive, hope, perseverance, self-esteem. Life sometimes bites us hard but the important is how we manage to bite back, harder.

6 thoughts on “To Those Who Didn’t Pass the Nursing Licensure Exam

  1. Very true. I have many friends who are already RNs but most of them ended up being volunteer nurses. Plus, I’m sure there are many (or all) examinees who passed the PNLE but passed probably because of guessing most of the time, not because they’re brilliant.

    1. Yeah, you’re right. My pal who reviewed harder than I did was the one who failed. While I, actually didn’t study so much passed. Amazing. πŸ˜‰

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