Looking for Online Jobs?

Job hunting through internet surfing becomes my hobby. It is way convenient, accessible and close at hand. I’ve applied for jobs online for about immense number of times no matter if I already exhaust them by constant sending of resumes. There were good feedback but do not guarantee that you’re hired right away. Of course you have to attend the scheduled interviews and if you are unfortunate enough, they might just let you wait in vain until you received an email saying ‘Position Closed’. So I also tried to search online work that doesn’t demand anything but fast internet connection, reliable computer and my idiotic brain. But then again, why am I not earning a dime until now?

Some websites are fraud. You’ll notice it when they ask money from you and promise unbelievable easy money and blah-blah-blah. Think twice when they start to solicit pennies because real online jobs do not require money but your mere hard work and persistence for the specified job they have for you. So then again, why am I not until now earning a dime?

Most online jobs have something to do with creative writing. Some pay bloggers to write blog entries on a certain blog. I’ve tried to write a decent blog entry before but as you see, I suck at this, especially when there are specific topics to discuss coherently, smoothly, blemish-free as possible. It’s arduous to write when you don’t feel like writing at the moment and you find the topics they want you to dissect, uninteresting, irksome, humdrum. But if you are unlike me and endowed with talent in writing, why not try to earn money online?

Here are some links I suggest:

Now it justifies why I am not earning a dime until now, I think have no knack for writing. I am just into writing on my own blog and trying to be informative and sensible for change this time.


9 thoughts on “Looking for Online Jobs?

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  2. ang self-depreciating naman, wait, am i talking like we’ve met already, or more, that we’re so close? sorry. but anyway, i don’t like it when writers belittle their own works, their own letters. im sure you’ve sort of bleeded just to get the words out, so why is that? people will validate your craft, and it would be best if you yourself is proud of your own creations.good day!! 🙂

    1. Haha. I’m not a writer. Blogger would be more appropriate, I think. 🙂

      …and I wonder, when should a blogger consider herself/himself a writer? Good day too.

  3. when the blogger writes. when the blogger kills someone, charms someone, inspires someone, vexes someone, make someone scratch her head, make someone fall out of love, make someone want to fly, make someone trust in her dreams, with her words. Perhaps naging writer na sya by that time 🙂

  4. have you heard of jomar hilario? he conducts crash course on how you can earn through blogging and how you can be a good candidate for a number of online jobs. i don’t see any problem with your writing skills but maybe you need to be guided by people who have succeeded in this field.

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