Shade of Black

I can be nice in the same degree that I can be mean and I believe that people even though how good we thought they seem there’s still a forbidden side of them that has shade of black, and is always ready to burst anytime. But they rather suppress ’cause it is too perilous to handle. But now, let’s get loose and be human for just a while. It isn’t always easy to be saint when everyone surrounding you has horns and fangs to bite you hard.

For me, there are 9 kinds of people. 1. People you love and who love you. 2. People you love though they don’t have the chance to notice that you exist. 3. People you don’t give a damn if they love you nor hate you as well. 4. People you eventually forget after a short encounter. 5. People you admire but don’t like you. 6. People you don’t know they exist. 7. People they don’t know you exist. 8. People you hate and hate you. 9. People you hate (not necessarily hate you too) and just couldn’t help HATING them.

Talk about number 9. I was always trying so hard not to be pissed off when their poisonous viruses were starting to infect the fresh air. My self-control was challenged and I sometimes wanted to congratulate myself for job well done. But there were still minimum times that I ended up sharpening my knife for one desperate goal, to kill. Then I contemplated that stabbing to murder somebody wasn’t really good enough but I desire a more painful killing; and that is to perish with unbearable words worse than morbid death he/she can ever imagine. If you think you aren’t who I am talking about then you can continue.

The Narcissistic. Everyone can be guilty of this but the intensity varies. I am talking about the cold-blooded narcissistic. They have a fucking delusion that the whole universe is intended to please and worship them, that they breathe just to hear praises from others (fake or true they don’t know the difference) and they cannot accept honest criticisms. They claim that the stars and milky way ought to bow down and glorify them like goddamn gods. They are extremely in love with themselves, mesmerized with their own sucking charm and they look down on people (may step on people in order to be higher) as if other human beings are inferior form of living things. “Taena, ang talino ko, ang bobo mo. Syet, ang ganda ko/gwapo ko, mukha kang pwet ng manok. Punyeta, ang yaman ko, kainin mo ang tae kong ginto.” But in fact, they resemble pigs (shame on pigs). They have no shame posting their awful photographs in wherever and whenever possible, bragging about what they consider ‘brag-able’ (I know that isn’t a word but couldn’t find the precise term) It’s really okay to share our pictures, crappy or nice, speak our mind about it. I sometimes do that, but if it’s too much it could be nauseatingly unhealthful. Lousy pictures induce vomiting, what do you expect? Tolerable if they’re gorgeous but c’mon, their pictures are the evidences of their crime. (I am laughing now, pardon me) Okay, I may sound bias here but I just cannot breathe because of sudden suffocation due to stinking polluted air. (I am becoming too mean, I knew it before you realized) We are all beautiful in God’s eyes, believe it somehow, but beauty within captures the more essential thing than the eyes, the heart. Narcissistic is a type of personality disorder which needs a prescribed intervention and medication says Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing textbook by Videbeck. Pity on them. Sick lunatics.

Selfish sons of beaches. These sons-of-bitches species are overpopulated in the entire ecosystem of ours. The good example is when your professor had announced an important exam tomorrow to one of your classmates who was responsible to re-announce it to everyone but was really smart enough to pass the message just right after he/she finished reviewing when each of his/her classmate had no chance to study at all. Thus, he/she eventually got the highest score and of course he/she would never ever make it that obvious. Brains with selfishness could land you to Cum Laude, I tell you, that’s a fact, I swear it to the gods of seashores. Students, what are you waiting for? Being a selfish genius is a key to be on top. Don’t lend your notes. Don’t remind your fellas about upcoming test and review furtively. Don’t share your knowledge, keep it for your own good. Make your father Lucifer proud of you.

Haliparot. I am very much impressed by how these hali-birds could flirt more than one person at a time. They tend to commit to shallow relationship ’cause in the first place they really have no idea what true relationship is. ‘Count my boyfriends/girlfriends till you drop’ and ‘Collect and collect and then select’ – those are their effin principles they apply on day-to-day basis. Okay, you might oppose: that’s their life, walang basagan ng trip. Oh yes, the hell I care about how many guys/girls they had sex with but just don’t ever try to screw up with me. I’ll tell you, from my WTF experience, a real pain in the ass to figure out that you were included in a hundred freaky girls whom he was saying I love you to. Boy, save your sordid saliva and sperm for worthier woman than me, like those sexy slut lurking beside you. You can ditch me anytime and I don’t know if I can ditch you too soon but please make sure that the girl is free from Human Immunodeficiency virus or just plain Syphilis.

Every word I’ve mentioned is entirely opinionated and we are all entitled for freedom of expression. But I strongly encourage you to put all your objections and oppositions on your own blog and never dare to ruin my page.

First blogged (a year ago, 2011) on Unfinished Rhapsody.


3 thoughts on “Shade of Black

      1. ahaha, nakakainins nga sila minsan. they flaunt their femininity and their appeal. e, para sa mga gaya nating bahagya lang ang awareness sa power ng pagkababae, parang offensive baga. parang in your face ang approach nila, haha. actually, when you get to know the haliparot kinds up close, mababait din sila. may deep-seated insecurities lang na tingin nila ay maso-solusyunan ng panlu-lure sa kalalakihan ng mundo, ahaha. ayon… hello, karen. 😉

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